ducry-finance sa offers two different types of services:
  • Impact Consulting
    • Non-profits and/or enterprise fostering a social impact
    • For-Profit Companies

  • General Consulting
    • Management & Financial Consulting
    • Special Mandates
At ducry-finance sa, collaboration is key. We talk and work with you! Our goal is not for you to have another document on a shelf but to allow your organization to experience the change you desire, by guiding you through implementation. Whether you are looking to become more efficient, more impactful, more socially responsible or more innovative, at ducry-finance sa, we have a solution for you!

About Us

ducry-finance sa is a family business founded in 2004 by Dominique Ducry. He was joined by his wife, Marianne Ducry, two years later. Since 2016 she has been involved full-time for Cantin SA, a company owned by Mr. Ducry, where she is now the CEO.

In 2017 Caroline Englund, Mr. Ducry’s step-daughter, joined the consulting firm and created the Impact Consulting sector of ducry-finance sa.

Impact Consulting is a type of strategic consulting dedicated to Non-Profit Organizations, Social Enterprises and other entities that aim to have a social impact. For-Profit Companies can also benefit from this type of service, when they decide to create or improve on a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plan.

Dominique Ducry

“I say what I am going to do, and I do what I said I would.”

Mr. Ducry is an accomplished consultant who has gained extensive experience in various fields over the years:

  • Consulting: Setting up dashboards; Major restructuring projects
  • IT organization, setting up of analytical accountancy, ABC project (Activity Based Costing), Establishment of a European distribution center
  • International legal and tax restructuring
  • Financing research
  • Merger and Acquisition
  • Setting up of internal control system (SCI/IKS)
  • More than 15 years of fiduciary activity: revision, accountancy, taxation, management
  • Brokerage, management of real estate parks
  • Tax and estate planning

Caroline Englund

“Where there is a will, there is a way; do you have the will?”

While pursuing a Bachelor HEG job, Caroline worked for a consulting firm as the director's right-hand, which then led her to the position of Director of a private school in Switzerland. She then emigrated to the United States where she pursued an MBA before working for Bain & Company. The corporate world was no longer enough for her; therefore, she decided to undertake a second master's degree in social entrepreneurship and international development in Washington D.C. During that time, she had the opportunity to consult various organizations with social purposes. Bilingual French/English and specialized in management and impact assessment, she has all the cards in hand to assist various types of social organizations to function to the best of their abilities as well as to implement new CSR programs for for-profit companies.


Impact Consulting

General Consulting

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